Panarà - Natural wood watch

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The model Panarà is a wristwatch made of solid Sandalwood, dark colors that fade from brown to black. The white color dial features a HD texture that gives elegance and depth, while the hands and the details are gold chrome. The crown to adjust both the date and the time is steel and is branded with the logo of the brand, while the closure of the strap is also in steel retractable, so as to give a smooth continuity to mesh wood. And 'possible to adjust the strap adapted to any wrist, removing extra links. The clock is housed in its packaging, which includes the wooden box, the jute bag and certificate of guarantee. The WOODSTAR watches are hypoallergenic and free of toxic and chemical elements.

"The watches of the collection Woodstar "Amazon" are inspired by nature, made exclusively through sustainable product development and the environment. The collection is the result of a careful study of fashion and trends, in order to offer wristwatches by elegant colors and refined design. The model names are inspired by local tribes in Brazil living in the Amazon jungle and more precisely: Siona, Secoya, Murui, Juma, Matis, Aparai, Panarà, Maku, Mura e Makuna. The precious woods, the quality of the components, the Swiss movement and accuracy of the details differ a clock Woodstar for quality and elegance. Discover the collection "Amazon" and differentiated with a clock in real natural wood."

Tipologia LegnoSandalo Nero
MovimentoSwiss Ronda 515
TipoAl quarzo
FunzioniOrario - Datario
Diametro Cassa45 mm
Spessore Cassa10 mm
Diametro Quadrante34 mm
Peso55 g
Larghezza Cinturino20 mm
BatteriaMod. 371
Resistenza all'acquaSplash proof