The WOODSTAR brand was born in Milan, and is proud to be an Italian brand. We are a constantly evolving company that has been working in the fashion accessories sector since 2014 and our passion for nature and design accompanies us in the creation of our products, such as wristwatches, bracelets and fashion accessories. Always through careful analysis and research, we create eco-fashion products using mainly natural materials in fact we are among the first companies in Italy to have worked exclusively in this product category. Our main objective is customer satisfaction, aware that we can offer something original and refined. Woodstar Milano, nature as inspiration, this is our slogan.

Our brand respects nature and eco-sustainability. This is because our planet is too important to be indifferent, today there is a need to change life, but especially thought. For our part we believe that the little ones actions can make a difference, then all together if we do our part. Today the fashion design becomes Eco, also becomes you!

Wrist watches and accessories Woodstar are assembled by hand, so as to minimize the use of machines and thus energy consumption. The main feature of our watches is the reliability of Swiss movement and innovative materials for sustainable product development. The woods Sandalwood and Maple (used in our products) come from areas controlled abatement, where at the end of each harvest, the trees are replanted to start a new cycle. This system minimizes the environmental impact and protects forests and natural woodlands. We can safely say that our products are environmentally sustainable and evolving.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the customer in the daily use of environmentally friendly products and design. By pointing on quality and innovation, we try to reach a wider audience, both in Italy and overseas. We want to spread a message of communication through our products, ideas and brand.