Woodstar is the name of a bird of the family of Colibrì, living in tropical and subtropical areas of the world, in different countries of the world. They come in various species, their main feature is the size, in fact, are among the smaller birds on the planet, just think that their dimensions are around 7-8 cm in size. Inhabit the tropical forests and are a symbol for nature and biodiversity.

The wood used for our products comes from different parts of the world depending on the color and type. Is collected in areas with controlled felling and after each harvest new trees are planted to restart the cycle. Recall that this system is used by many states around the world to extract the raw material, protecting forests and natural woodlands.

Our products are environmentally sustainable because the main material they are made of is wood. The metal parts of the watch, once completed its life cycle can be dismantled and recycled. Also the whole packiging is composed of natural material recyclable.

No, in all of our products are not used chemical materials. We can safely say that all our products are "CHEMICAL FREE".

If you have allergies to metal we can not guarantee that the closure would not cause itching and / or redness. The metal parts that may come into contact with the skin comply with the strictest European standards and can be considered NICKEL FREE, while releasing an infinitesimal percentage of nickel.

A product is defined when it comes from a hypoallergenic formula that minimizes the risk of allergies, so it has no preservatives, dyes, alcohol, nickel and derivatives.

It depends on the location of the shipping address. You can see the item "SHIPPING" in this menu in the footer. Click here.

Yes, our products can be shipped all over Europe, UK, USA, Canada and other countries. We ship to the main states of the world.

Yes, you can replace the battery at any watches and/or jewelry. We recall that the opening of the case will void the warranty.

With the help of two small screwdrivers, it is possible to remove the screw pins by from the meshes and adjust the size of the strap to your liking by removing the excess mesh. Remove the wooden mesh, tighten the bolts well. In the case of pressure pins, it is useful to use the special tool. Our advice is to turn to a professional watchmaker to be sure of the work done.

The opening of the closure of the watch is very simple, just press the two elected side of the closure. In this way, the closure will open and will be possible to wear the watch. To reclose the closure foldaway, simply press the two ends of the strap on the point of closure, the click confirms the closure.

The opening of the strap of the bracelet is very simple, just press upward on the lug of steel with the logo. Once you open the flap, just unhook the steel pin. Repeat the procedure in reverse to close the bracelet.

You can clean your product with a damp cloth, by wiping on the wood to remove any residual dirt. After removing the dirt, you can use a dry cloth to finish the cleaning proceeded. We recommend a soft cotton cloth.

The guarantee on all our products is valid for 12 months from purchase. Recall that all indications are present in the general conditions in the menu of the footer. Click here.