Wooden watches, why buy one?

Wooden watches, why buy one?

Wristwatches are considered a very personal object, for this reason there are thousands of models with various functions, materials and different styles on the market, but why buy a wooden one? The question arises spontaneously if you think that the vast majority of watches are made from materials produced and processed as metal, plastic and derivatives.

The wooden wristwatches compared to those produced in other materials have unique characteristics, which distinguish them in many things, making them valid substitutes for the "classic" materials used by the most famous brands of our times.

We start from production; A metal or plastic watch is produced with an industrial hot melting process and the companies that use this system enter gases that modify the natural characteristics of the Earth's atmosphere, as well as involve a high energy consumption. To produce a wooden clock, instead, the energy used is really minimal, because the material exists in nature and does not need any industrial process for its creation. Moreover, the Woodstar Milano wood watches are assembled by hand without the use of machinery, in a nutshell production eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Another aspect that makes wood a truly exceptional material is its elegance: nowadays many companies use wood to adorn their products and this has always been a sign of style, we think of boats, houses, machines and fashion in general. Wood is a material that today relives a new modernity. It is a living material, never cold, insulating and light and close to what is our existence. A material that has made the history of man and his companion forever. A wooden clock adapts to any clothing, elegant or sporty, classic or casual, and is always impeccable in every circumstance. Comfortable, light, but at the same time resistant and durable. The shades of color and the veins of the wood make each watch a unique piece, never perfectly identical to each other. It may seem like a banality but this peculiarity stands out its symbolic value.

In conclusion to the question "Why buy a wooden watch Woodstar Milano?”

Our reply is: Because in addition to its quality, elegance, lightness and comfort, it is a sustainable eco-friendly product that respects nature.